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Read what our clients have to say about us:

Eric Mason

We have a home on Bald Head Island, North Carolina. We can not recommend Deb Blomfield more highly. Deb brought this complex project together successfully. It is hard to explain how much we appreciate her amazing efforts. In summary, Deb assisted in the design, managed the construction process with the GC, did all the purchasing, coordinated the shipment and installation and oversaw the entire budget. Deb communicated effectively every step of the way. This project simply would not have been as successful without Deb. If you have any questions about the value Deb can bring to a project please don’t hesitate to text or email.

In September 2018 our place was severely damaged by Hurricane Florence. I live in New York and travel abroad extensively, so we desperately needed assistance “on the ground” to help manage the myriad decisions involved in designing and building our “new” home.

We decided to significantly expand and update the home, so in many ways this was more complicated than building a new home. Deb immediately had great ideas about how to improve the architects initial design that made our home more functional and beautiful. She has extensive experience understanding how a home is used and how the design should meet those needs. Within weeks she had vastly improved our design and provided us with beautiful 3D renderings of the space and was open suggestions and feedback.

The second level of value Deb brought involved the project management. She worked very closely with the General Contractor and the various subcontractors to make sure that the designs were executed precisely as we wanted. She spent a lot of time on the site assuring the specifications were met and was empowered to make changes as needed. There are far too many examples to list but suffice it to say that each step of the construction process Deb assured the project was a success.

As noted, she updated me multiple times by email, phone, video calls and posting photos and videos. As part of the project management, she created a detailed spreadsheet of all the expenses and matched the outlays against the actual work completed.

The third element of her work involved the interior design, purchasing, shipment and installation of all the furniture, accessories, lighting and even art work. This can be a unique challenge on Bald Head Island so it was great to have someone with this practical experience.

In the end, when we were finally able to get to the house, Deb had prepared our home for the arrival in the most caring manner down to kids photos on night stands. She went out of her way at every stage to make our dream home come to fruition. We are forever grateful to Deb and her husband Tony for their guidance and leadership and a long lasting friendship. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started."

 Mark Twain

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